T-series become most subscribed youtube channel

T-series Is Close To Win The Battle Against Pewdiepie

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T-series will become the most subscribed youtube channel, A huge achievement as it just about to crosses Pewdiepie

YouTube’s most subscribed channel PewDiePie is about to be dethroned by India’s Biggest Music record label T-Series. Currently, it is estimated that T-series will take over the title of most subscribed youtube channel from Pewdiepie befor 30th October 2018. T-series is India’s music label company which was founded in 1980 by Gulshan Kumar whereas T-series join youtube in 2006 put starting posting videos from 2010 and T-series has also become highest viewed youtube channel in February 2018 and now most subscribed channel. While Pwediepie is an individual youtuber and video game commentator his channel was the most subscribed channel on youtube from last 5 years.

T-series become most subscribed youtube channel
T-series become most subscribed youtube channel.

Still, Pewdiepie remains most subscribed individual youtuber but know the end is near to the title of most subscribed youtube channel as T-series is going to create history approximately on 27 October 2018. Many people believe that T-series use sub boosts or something fake to gain subscriber maybe Pewdiepie also thought as he also released a song which he dedicates to T-series. It will be interesting to see any reaction from youtube official team.

Mr. beast put some twist in the game as he spends a lot of his money to advertise Pewdiepie’s youtube channel and putting efforts to let people subscribe Pewdiepie on youtube just when T-series Came close to the mark  Pewdipie getting higher numbers of subscribers and the gap is gaining now between top contenders it’s interesting to see now what will T-series try to get the title of most subscribed youtube channel.

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