Graphic Designer

Graphic designer or photo editors are in demand for making song posters or cover and also graphic content for visual promotion. Creativity and interest are the things you need to get success in this field of the graphic designer as many single tracks or Punjabi albums are releasing in a day everyone needs graphic designers for artwork as posters are must be needed for any type of promotion of the song. There are only some names in Punjabi music industry for making song covers and poster as well as if you have the good hand on motion graphic then creating lyrical videos are also in the demand and you can earn enough money if you choose graphic designing as a passion. Sign up on many online portals like freelancers, upwork, guru, people per hour and Fiverr and bids on projects related to graphic designing and you will surely get success by working online too.

Punjabi song poster making
Punjabi song poster making

Punjabi song poster designing or logo design, what you need to learn for creating a song poster?

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Illustrator

You only need to learn adobe photoshop a software by Adobe this is enough to create everything you need like song posters, covers or any promotion visual content you can. Lightroom comes handy for lighting and image manipulation so be expert in this two software and you will become a successful graphic designer. Whereas Adobe illustrator is a vector based software which is best for branding and logo designing.


Want to learn Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and adobe illustrator?

There are thousands of tutorials available on youtube and all over the internet if you willing to learn these. PollywoodHub coming with a course series from a beginner’s level to an expert level poster and logo designing video tutorials so if you want to learn for free and create your career in this field then keep in touch with us and subscribe our youtube channel to get all the updates. If you have any questions then visit the contact page and message us we will more than happy to help you.